Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is one of the most universal and foundational elements of organizational performance. While the term often conjures up images of fanciful statements and thick documents which are rarely used, strategic planning has the potential to have a significant and long-lasting impact on the organization when it is done well.


Summit’s Strategic Planning model is unique in its structure and focus. Over years of study, experience, and testing, our team has developed a framework that can allow organizations of any size and type to be able to focus on the planning areas that are the most relevant and crucial to their organization. Summit can offer a variety of types and levels of strategic planning services, tailored to meet the specific needs and situation of your organization.


Plan Development


At its core, strategic planning is the process of laying out the necessary steps to transform an organization into what it needs to be in order to best achieve the goals of its stakeholders. It can be viewed similar to an instruction manual for assembling or fixing a machine; it should provide clear directions for taking the pieces or faulty machine with which you are beginning and then using those materials to build a machine that will produce the results that the operator desires. While many different processes, tools, reports, and strategic definitions may be employed throughout the process, the plan can never lose sight of that simple purpose. When viewed in its entirety, the strategic plan should be able to sufficiently accomplish each of the following goals:


  1. Identify specific objectives and focus for the organization which are feasible, measurable, and will motivate the team, and will be un
  2. Establish a concrete vision for the future of the organization that will be possible to build within the planning time period and will provide reasonable assurance that the organization can been its objectives
  3. Lay out clear planning steps that cover all of the essential aspects of the organization and, if followed, will shape the organization into its envisioned future
  4. Provide an execution process and resources to provide the greatest possible likelihood that the planning steps will be completed within the necessary time frame.


All of Summit’s plan development services are structured to be able to accomplish each of those goals as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Facilitation Services


Many organizations have extensive planning experience and resources available within their current team and infrastructure. Even in those situations, the perspective and guidance of a third-party can be invaluable in ensuring that the planning process is able to develop a plan that adequately reflects all aspects of the organization’s situation and environment. Summit consultants have experience in participating in and leading strategic plans for many different types of organizations and can bring that expertise to your organization’s process.


Plan Execution


The planning process does not end once the plan document has been written. Unless the plan is executed well, then the rest of the process will provide no value. Summit consultants know firsthand the challenges that can come during plan execution and can use that experience to help your organization develop processes to ensure that the plan is carried out, reviewed, tracked, and revised in a timely manner. In addition, we can help to institute continual improvement processes to ensure that your strategic planning becomes a regular part of your organization’s culture.

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