Business and Nonprofit Training

In addition to providing consulting services to both businesses and not-for-profit organizations, Summit also provides a number of training opportunities delivered in a group setting for professionals and leaders who are interested in learning general information on selected topics. These trainings are available at set times and locations throughout the year, but specialized training opportunities can also be provided to groups upon request. Regardless of the format, location, or target audience, all training opportunities are structured to deliver valuable and relevant information to business owners

Comprehensive Approach

Summit’s training solutions are designed around our unique capabilities model. This approach not only helps to ensure that professionals have the opportunity to learn about a broad range of concepts, but also helps to provide training that is integrated and communicated according to universal business goals. Since the training solutions mirror our consulting model, our approach also allows for all training courses to be focused on the most common challenges and opportunities that businesses and nonprofit organizations experience.

Up-to-date Information on Relevant Topics

Regulations, technology, and culture change quickly, and the business environment changes with it. Summit’s trainers are active business professionals that are committed to not only staying up-to-date with that information, but also have firsthand experience encountering and addressing those changes within businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Our training is focused on utilizing that experience to provide best practices for our clients to follow.

Qualified and Experienced Presenters

Training is most valuable when it is presented by someone who can relate to and understand the needs of the attendees. This is why Summit strives to provide presenters who have the ideal mix of academic training, real world business knowledge, and speaking experience. In addition, our curriculum is designed by team members with teaching and educational experience to ensure that we have translated the information into a format that is effective and engaging.

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